【TDR】Viewing Shows without a reservation

Tokyo Disney Resort

At first

Hello! My name is suyarin.(I’m Japanese.)
This blog provides useful information about Tokyo Disney Resort in Japan for foreign tourists.

This time, I’ll introduce about Viewing Shows and Parades without a reservation in Tokyo Disney Land.

Tokyo Disney Resort App (Official App)

Have you already installed the Tokyo Disney Resort App (Official App)?
It is better to install it in before going to TDR, If you want to enjoy TDR Maximally!

Official Guide: [Official]Tokyo Disney Resort App (Official App)|Tokyo Disney Resort

Shows that require entry

The following shows require entry through the Disney app. (As of July 13)

  • 「Mickey’s Magical Music World」
    A very powerful and luxurious show. indoor
  • 「Club Mouse Beat」
    Along with various tunes, the characters will entertain. Semi-indoor 
  • 「Jamboree Mickey! Let’s Dance!」
    outsideRecommended for children. Move your body by dancing.outside

By the way, What should I do if I missed by lottery?

As for 「Mickey’s Magical Music World」, “There are unreserved seats only for the first performance.”I learned from a disney cast.

However, when I looked into the other shows, they seemed to have unreserved seats depending on the circumstances.

If you really want to see the show, I recommend that you watch the first performance in an unreserved seat.
(Currently, only “Mickey’s Magical Music World” is often guided to unreserved seats.Check for updates)

At last

I introduced Viewing Shows and Parades without a reservation in Tokyo Disney Land.
Get to know how Disney works and create fun memories!